ADSL2+ 4-Port Gateway with WiFi

THE SR360n DSL GATEWAY provides high performance and flexibility for broadband and IPTV subscribers. It combines a full-rate ADSL modem with a wireless access point using the latest 802.11n WiFi technology. It can be used as an Ethernet or DSL gateway, and includes a router, firewall, and TR-069 management.


The SR360n is designed with ease of deployment in mind. The automatic broadband connection feature eliminates the need for an installation CD or manual configuration and, if you decide to deploy a remote management solution, the SR360n offers maximum interoper-ability with industry-leading TR-069 remote management systems.


• Four RJ-45 Fast Ethernet LAN ports
• Single RJ-11 ADSL2+ WAN port
• 802.11n 300Mbps Access Point
• USB 2.0 port

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Top 3 Benefits

IPv6 Enabled

Support for IPv6/IPv4 Dual Stack, IPv6 Rapid Deployment (6RD) and Dual-Stack Lite (DS-Lite) transition mechanisms. The SR360n supports IPv6 out-of-the-box today and protects Service Provider investment


With features such as Broadcom PhyR/G.inp, advanced IGMP/Multicast traffic handling, and dynamic/static LAN port-to-PVC mapping, the SR360n assures Quality of Service is maintained in the triple play environment


Pair the SR360n with SmartRG’s cloud-enabled Home Analytics™ and Device Manager™ for world-class customer experience delivery and comprehensive remote management to reduce operational expenses

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