LTE + A/VDSL2 + 5-Port 802.11ac Dual-Band WiFi

THE SR700ac LTE/DSL GATEWAY is the ideal solution for small businesses, sales kiosks, home offices, or any customer with mission-critical, always-on broadband access requirements. The SR700ac integrates state-of-the-art Category 4 LTE, 802.11ac WiFi, and xDSL technologies in a high-value product at a reasonable price.


Inside the SR700ac is a highly-integrated DSL chipset supporting 5-band VDSL2 with fallback to all legacy ADSL modes. 4G LTE with speeds up to 150Mbps is built-in – no external USB LTE modem needed.  Advanced 802.11ac Dual-Band WiFi delivers a strong , reliable WiFi signal for up to 128 clients. With the included Gigabit SmartPort™, the SR700ac can also be used as an Ethernet WAN gateway for FTTH or DOCSIS deployments where a carrier-grade router with integrated LTE and industry-leading TR-069 management is required.


• STAY CONNECTED: Use DSL or Ethernet WAN as primary connection with automatic failover to 4G LTE OR Use 4G LTE as primary connection when no wired broadband access is available
• Dual-Band 802.11ac + 802.11a/b/g/n Access Point with high-performance external antennas
• One SIM slot

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Top 3 Benefits


The embedded 4G LTE Category 4 modem provides high speed cellular connectivity, supporting up to 150Mbps downstream and 50Mbps upstream, making it ideally suited for high-bandwidth applications


With integrated support for the ITU-T’s G.993.5 Vectoring specification, the SR700ac works in conjunction with vectoring-enabled DSLAMs to remove crosstalk interference, allowing lines to reach their full bandwidth potential


Pair the SR700ac with SmartRG’s cloud-enabled Home Analytics™ and Device Manager™ for world-class customer experience delivery and comprehensive remote management to reduce operational expenses

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