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INTELLIFI® establishes the foundation for fiber-based network coverage in your subscriber’s residence, ensuring your customers have ready access to the applications and services they need most. The Intellifi mesh network enables seamless roaming throughout any size home, providing a fast, frustration-free and reliable WiFi experience that simply works.

The Intellifi WiFi home solution is plug & play and highly intuitive, allowing new devices to easily connect to the WiFi network without degrading connectivity. Customize or expand your WiFi by adding as many Intellifi mesh extenders as you need. With Intellifi®, the APs work together to form one unified, whole-home WiFi network.


A best-in-class, whole-home WiFi software platform purpose-built for ISPs to provide a dynamic, scalable, secure and seamless single-network WiFi experience. Intellifi provides seamless roaming to broadband subscribers, automatically connecting to the best WiFi signal across multiple connection points while preventing disconnections, outages and “sticky client” experiences between devices. When paired Device Manager, ISPs can comfortably manage subscriber experiences with the ability to monitor historical and real-time network health, WiFi airtime utilization and per-client bandwidth usage.


prpl works to build an open source framework for secure and future-proof router & gateway stacks, characterized by standardized APIs to enable a new service ecosystem. SmartRG partnered with prpl’s Open-Source initiative to standardize framework for Carrier In-Home Gateways and Routers.
The mission of prplWRT is to enable close collaboration between users, hardware manufacturers, semiconductor companies, and the broader OpenWrt ecosystem in a community-run fashion. The focus of the technology enhancements are centered around creating a robust, flexible open source platform suitable for mission critical, highly reliable products.
prpl Foundation, based in California in the US.

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• Simple, plug-n-play installation
• Self-forming, self-healing
• Single SSID for entire home network
• Airtime Fairness
• Dual-band concurrent, 2×2 802.11ac
• Seamless Roaming with 802.11k/v


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