SmartRG leader talks new ownership

Technology Association of Oregon President and CEO Skip Newberry chats with SmartRG’s Jeff McInnis on what drove the acquisition

Whenever technology evolves to deliver faster and more reliable low cost internet, wireless hardware must be upgraded to meet the demands of consumers in the modern home. SmartRG, a Vancouver-based telecommunications cloud services provider, works to develop new hardware platforms that support this access.

I spoke with SmartRG’s General Manager and Vice President, Jeff McInnis, about the recent acquisition of SmartRG by ADTRAN (Nasdaq: ADTN), a telecommunications networking equipment provider based in Huntsville, Ala.

“There is a tremendous global effort to provide gigabit and multi-gigabit services,” says Jeff McInnis, general manager and vice president of SmartRG

“With the insatiable demand for internet, everybody is looking for gigabit and faster speed,” explains McInnis. “There is a tremendous global effort to provide gigabit and multi-gigabit services. With internet consumption going up exponentially, tech companies and service providers are working together on new technology to make high-speed internet affordable. Every time there is a significant upgrade to speed, the technology needs to change and that is the business ADTRAN is in.”

The Huntsville company employs 2,200 worldwide. It wants to deliver 10 gigabits of internet to the home using SmartRG’s cloud-enabled software platforms for service providers. McInnis notes that the connected home was one of the key motivations behind the acquisition.

SmartRG was established in May 2012 after spinning out of Clear Access, a software application for broadband service providers to help remotely manage home-based WiFi routers. The organization began building their own WiFi routers and elected to spin out the hardware division into SmartRG Inc.

McInnis explains that the deployment model in the connected home is evolving with the introduction of distributed WiFi. Internet connections will drop less frequently due to in-home systems detecting where the user is moving throughout the home from one access point to another, thereby delivering a comprehensive experience and greater speed.

SmartRG has 800 domestic customers and shipped three million gateways since 2012. Sixty employees report out of Vancouver and Santa Barbara, home to the company’s Research and Development office.

This article originally appeared on Portland Business Journal on Jan 22, 2019

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